Top 5 Plastic-free Beauty Products

Hey, hey, heyyyy... So, I started my eco-friendly journey quite a while ago now and I feel like I've really nailed my plastic-free skincare, both on my face and my body too. My skin has NEVER been BETTER and I am now confident enough to be makeup free for the majority of the time, something I never thought would happen! When I was around 18 or 19 I began to have really bad breakouts, which then turned into acne. I use to pick them, squeeze the life out of them, put harsh "acne reducing" products on my face and under up with a LOT of scarring.

I also have this weird obsession with having a shower, which I do at least twice a day. This left my skin really dry and raw, but not any more! (Rhymetime!) Although these products below are plastic free and eco-friendly, which is fabulous, they also completely changed the way my skin looked and felt, in a way no other mainstream product had done before, and that's why I LOVE them, eco or not.

All of these products are available at The Eco Family Company!

1. Zoe Bee Beauty Creams

These creams are absolutely a-m-a-zing! They are super popular and get rave reviews, and for good reason!

I personally started off using the Green cream to help get rid of my acne and more importantly, the scarring. Once I had achieved this (which was pretty quickly!) I then moved on to the Charcoal & Oat cream as I get really dry skin on my cheeks and needed something slightly more hydrating. I always use the Coffee & Walnut for under my eyes as it is so good for preventing and getting rid of under eye bags (a win with 2 kids under 2!) and also the Gold cream for during the day as it gives a lovely subtle glow, amazing for makeup free or as a base for your makeup.

There are a variety of different creams to choose from depending on your skin issues and preference, such as the Veggie Soufflé for red skin and Avocado & Aloe cream for mature skin.

They are cruelty free, plastic free, handmade and natural! I highly, highly recommend these creams!

2. Zoe Bee Beauty Coffee & Clay Scrub

Yes, she's back again, because she is just that great! I didn't realise quite how important gently exfoliating your skin was until I came across Zoe, or how bad other products such as St. Ives are for you skin! Walnut powder has sharp edges that cause micro-tears in your skin.

This scrub, however, is so gently and luxurious, I've honestly never come across anything like it! It leaves your skin so smooth and hydrated, rather than making it feel tight and stripped like most exfoliators do. Seriously good stuff!

3. Handmade By Nature Local Raw Honey Hand & Soap Bar

As I mentioned above, my weird obsession with showering has lead me to have really dry skin on my body. This soap bar has completely transformed that and I couldn't live without it! The honey is so soothing and hydrating that it leaves you feeling super soft and dry skin free!

It's also AMAZING for preventing and curing shaving rash! I always use this when I am shaving and I get 0 shaving rash because of it, result!

I also use it on my two children at bath time as it is so gentle and nourishing, so they both have lovely skin and I don't have to worry about any nasty chemicals! It's handmade, natural, palm oil free and just generally free from any nasties. All naturaaal is a win!

4. Handmade By Nature French Pink Clay Facial Bar

Another one by Handmade By Nature, this time the French Pink Clay facial bar.

Now, when I first thought about using soap on my face as a cleanser it made me wince at the thought of tight, rubbery skin. But I can assure you this is not the case! It's really lovely and keeps my skin feeling super clean and fresh, without stripping it!

I've noticed my skin is lovely and clear when I have been using this and it's also brilliant for taking your makeup off!

It's one of my go to products and I wouldn't use anything else now!

5. Naturally Gorgeous Cosmetics Body Butter

This stuff is absolutely DIVINE! Honestly, I just love it. I never really liked body butter in the past, I always found it to heavy and hard to put on. I much preferred lotions but didn't always find them very moisturising. This body butter is different - it's lovely and light, quick absorbing and insanely moisturising. So basically, the perfect body butter. It comes in a glass jar that can be reused once the product is finished and comes in some lovely scents including Sweet Orange and Bergamot, Vanilla Hot Chocolate, and Vanilla and Cinnamon.

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